You’ve decided you need a trademark. That’s great, but now you’re understandably worried about the cost. There is some incorrect and confusing information on the internet, so we wanted to cut through the misinformation and give you the scoop:

Government fees. When applying for a trademark in the United States, you or your attorney submits your application to the US Patent and Trademark Office. The costs for your application are one of the following three, per class (explained below).

  • $275 for a TEAS Plus application. This is an online form that requires some additional information, but is the cheapest option. This is the option Trademark To Go uses whenever possible because it saves our clients’ money.
  • $325 for a regular TEAS application. This is more expensive than the first option but requires slightly less information. It may be your only option when you’re trademarking a very unique product or service.
  • $375 for a paper application. This application is the most expensive and slowest. We generally don’t file these for our clients because it’s unnecessarily costly and causes delays.

We mentioned classes. A class, in the trademark world, is the category of your product. For instance, if you’re trademarking the name “XYZ Widgetarium” and you want to put it on t-shirts as well as jewelery, you’d need to register two classes for full protection. If you did the TEAS Plus application, it would cost you $550 in government fees ($275 + $275).

Attorneys fees. These vary by law firm and are in addition to your filing fee. Attorneys charge flat fees that span a wide range but can cost into the thousands. Some attorneys charge by the hour. There are online document processing companies that will file your paperwork for as little as a few hundred dollars, but please beware — these are not law firms and they cannot provide you with any actual advice regarding your application. They simply file your paperwork after you complete it yourself. Trademark To Go is run by a law firm (Stark Law Firm, P.C.) designed with one purpose in mind: streamlining and simplifying the process for using an attorney to file your trademark. We charge a predictable $500 flat fee for filing an application (plus government filing fees), with additional fees for other services.