If you’re looking for a trademark attorney, consider Trademark To Go.

We are a law firm dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, startups, and businesses register their trademarks online.


You should use a trademark attorney instead of a document filing service. There are plenty of document filing services that will “file” your trademark for a few hundred dollars. Beware, even if they use the word “Legal” in their names, they’re not attorneys. This means they can’t analyze a trademark searches for you (click here to read about trademark searches). They can’t answer your questions. They can’t analyze the strength of your mark before filing the application. They can’t respond to the government if the government challenges your trademark application. Only an attorney can actually represent you.

Trademark To Go was formed with the goal of bridging the gap between low-priced document filing services and traditional but expensive law firms. We wanted to create a law firm with the efficiency and pricing of a document filing service, but with capabilities and client-focused representation provided by law firms. We’re proud to provide legal representation to clients looking to protect their brands. So if you’re looking to trademark your name, product, logo, slogan, image — or anything, really — please feel free to give us a call or read about our easy five-step process here. We’re always happy to give a free consultation over the phone.

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