Here at Trademark To Go, we like both cars and intellectual property law, so we really like when the two cross paths.

A few days ago, Ford Motor Company filed a trademark for the word “Ecobeast” for “automobiles and automobile engines.”  This appears to be a play on its EcoBoost engine. You see, back in 2007, Ford filed a trademark application for “EcoBoost,” its most prolific turbo engine. But if you follow automotive news, you’ll know that the little EcoBoost has come a long way since then. It recently found a new home in the 2015 Ford Mustang, putting down an impressive 310 horsepower — a beast indeed, particularly from 2.3 liters!

This is purely speculation, but it could mean that Ford is gearing up to take turbo tuning to the next level. Perhaps we’ll see new “EcoBeast” versions of the Mustang or other cars. The trademark application indicates that the name is not yet in use, so we can’t be sure just yet. However, it’s definitely an indication that Ford plans something big for its EcoBoost motor.

There could be a hiccup, though. We ran a quick trademark search and found that an individual doing business as EcoBeast actually filed a trademark for this exact word back in February 2014. The applications indicates it will be used in connection with automotive graphics. In fact, they were just given a Notice of Allowance by the USPTO this past September. This could derail Ford’s plans, as the trademark office will not register a trademark if there is a likelihood of confusion with another trademark. Time will tell and we’ll update this blog when we know more.