If you’re starting a business or you’ve launched a new product, you may be asking: do I need a trademark?


Strictly speaking, you don’t need a trademark to conduct business or use a new product name. People sometimes confuse incorporation and trademark registration. A business can be incorporated, and you may use the business name, without trademarking it. Conversely, you can trademark a product or service personally — it doesn’t need to be corporate owned.

However, if you’re using a business or product name without trademarking it, you may not have exclusive protection for the name or logo. In other words, your competitors can use that name and there’s not much you can do about it. If you’ve got a great name or logo, then you should strongly consider trademarking it early on. Registering a federal trademark soon after launching your business, product, or service will prevents others from using your mark or even similar derivatives.

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