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Trademark To Go is provided by Stark Business Law PLLC. We provide a totally free, attorney conducted trademark search and consultation. After the consultation, if you want to hire us, we can file your trademark application for an affordable price.

Thank you for visiting Trademark To Go. As a business and trademark attorney, I set out to create a law firm that could help people file their trademarks easily and affordably. I’m proud to to say that my firm has accomplished that. In fact, unlike most law firms, we’ll even give you a free trademark search and consultation with absolutely no obligation to hire us.

I’ve filed trademarks for established companies, startups, and entrepreneurs. My clients include clothing companies, real estate developers, mobile application programmers, movie producers, technology companies, and cosmetics brands — just to name a few. I’d be happy to speak with you about your trademark and how we can help.

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What is a trademark?

A trademark is any word, phrase, symbol, color, design or combination thereof (like a logo) that identifies your business, product, good, or service.

By registering a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, you can protect your business or idea and prevent others from using it. You can also create value for your business. A business’s most valuable asset is often its intellectual property, like product names — just think about “Coca-Cola” or “Corvette.”

However, filing an application doesn’t guarantee that the government will accept it. The process of registering a trademark can be confusing and take months, and the government often challenges applications. We’re lawyers who can help you with the process as painlessly as possible.

Why a free trademark search?

The first step in trademarking something is to have an attorney do a “trademark search.” The attorneys looks through government records to see if your name, logo, or phrase has already been taken. If it has, the government won’t allow you to register it. Because this is so important, we offer a basic trademark search for free, with NO obligation to use us to file your trademark.

We also do your trademark search and consultation for free because we love starting a dialogue with entrepreneurs. We hope that if you decide to file your trademark after the search, you’ll consider using us.

Trademark To Go Vs. Non-lawyer Filing Services

  • Trademark To Go
  • Attorney consultation throughout the process to maximize chance of successful registration
  • Attorney analysis of search results
  • We can respond to simple government challenges (called Office Actions)
  • Bound by professional ethics
  • Non-attorney filing website
  • They only file your paperwork based on a form you fill out — not legally allowed to advise or answer questions
  • No trademark search — higher chance of rejected application
  • Cannot respond to challenges (Office actions)
  • Not bound by professional ethics
  • Remember: Applying for a trademark doesn’t guarantee that the government will grant it. The government often rejects applications. You cannot register a “generic” mark or a “confusingly similar” mark, and there are many other pitfalls. We can represent you during the process and respond to the government. We can analyze the strength of your mark and strategize. A non-attorney filing website can’t. Read more about why it makes sense to hire a trademark attorney.

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